Valentino graced Zalszupin lounge suite

Valentino devotees will recognise our lounge suite, as it provided the backdrop for a famous New York photo shoot of the revered fashion designer before we purchased it. The clean silhouettes and chic lines of the set are the work of Polish designer Jorge Zalszupin, renowned for his sensually modern pieces. Zalszupin, who moved to Brazil after World War II, was to become one of the most prominent furniture designers in his field during the 1950s.

Our Zalszupin has played host to numerous fashion shoots prior to Valentino, thanks to its use in a busy New York studio. It may have supported the likes of Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss over the years – or perhaps even Marilyn Monroe or Jean Shrimpton. The baby blue covers certainly give this set a great deal of vintage style. The Jacaranda wood, which ages with great dignity – has a very tactile and yet sophisticated feel, losing none of its gravitas or glamour as the years have progressed.


As well as admiring its design, our guests find our Jorge Zalszupin provides incredibly comfortable seating. Sink into the cushions and listen to the tinkling of the baby grand while you read a book or enjoy a cocktail – we’d recommend the Sidecar, a 1950s favourite.

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