Every seat has a story | Part Two

It’s hard to define exactly what makes a space special. Is it the building itself? Perhaps it’s the memories you’ve made within its walls? Or perhaps, it’s the knowledge – be it conscious or subconscious – that every inch of a room is bursting with stories.

It’s these tales of craftsmanship and artistic sacrifice that bring the space at Akademie Street to life, with each piece of furniture carefully chosen not only for its aesthetic credentials, but also for its rich historic value.

Throughout our boutique hotel, you’ll find pieces that date back centuries, and many that have been crafted by some of our generation’s most pioneering and visionary craftsmen. So step inside, and let us show you around.

Aldo Tura

Tura was one of the most distinguished talents of the Italian mid-century. His work is elegant and sophisticated, and each piece is bold and vibrant, boasting an exquisite green colour scheme. Hand crafted and innovative, Tura’s works are easy to identify thanks to their high quality and striking style that marries Art Deco and modernism.

Our collection comes from many exotic locations across the globe. The bar cart, shaped like a giant wheeled pipe in a gorgeous brown goatskin and parchment, hails from the Netherlands, while its matching ice bucket was sourced from London, bringing together the original set. Smaller items, all in the distinctive shade of green, include the jugs and cocktail shakers, which have come from Eastern Europe and across the oceans in America.

Tura’s deco-esque style is a perfect fit for the interiors of Akademie Street, seamlessly blending vintage with modern, which is why we’ve gone to such great lengths to acquire and reunite these pieces.

The Brooklyn Museum in New York also houses a number of Tura’s pieces, but you’ll find the largest working collection of Aldo Tura in the world at Akademie Street.

Outdoor Dining Tables

Step outside, take a seat and admire the great slabs of Mother Nature before you. Our Redwood tree tables are nothing short of magnificent, each one built from a single slab of wood.

The majestic Redwood tree from which the table originates stood in Hout Bay for 200 years, before it fell naturally, much to the creator’s delight. The wood specialist worked with 12 slabs carved from the fallen Redwood, carefully giving them a second, infinite life.

Danish Cocktail Chairs

Post-WWII Scandinavian design showcases clean minimalism and smooth lines, which define the style of this furniture. Scandinavian design is well-known for its fusion of beauty and functionality, coupled with the philosophy that everyday objects should be affordable for everyone.

Our Danish cocktail chairs in the Akademie Street Lounge push the more luxurious end of the minimalist spectrum, with all of the classic trademarks of vintage Scandi chairs. Their simple design, sturdy structure and comfortable high backs speak to their functionality, while the pale baby blue fabric gives these chairs a sophisticated edge.