Every seat has a story

They say that everything has a purpose, and a story that goes along with it. At Akademie Street, we’ve built our home on a thousand stories, scouring the globe for the most interesting and unique pieces to form its building blocks.  

When it comes to designing the interior of any room, furniture plays a pivotal role. One has to find the perfect match between style and comfort, function and flair. And while the appearance of these key items draw people in, it’s their unique stories that bring them to life.

Here are the stories behind a few of our favourite pieces:

Jorge Zalszupin Lounge Suite

After WWll, Polish designer, Jorge Zalszupin, moved to Brazil to become one of the most distinguished furniture designers of the 1950s. Most of his work was produced at L’Atelier Brazil, a partnership and design collective formed in his own home.

Zalszipun’s modern pieces can be defined by their geometric lines and organic shapes, which offer a glimpse into his architectural background. Zalszupin chose only the finest materials, favouring Jacaranda wood for its smooth appearance and graceful aging qualities.

This remarkable set came to our home from America, after spending time in a studio that played host to many key fashion moments, including a shoot for the famous designer, Valentino.

So take a seat, relax and soak up the feeling of stardom as you sip on one of our signature cocktails. We’d recommend the Sidecar, a traditional 1950s favourite.

Gian Franco Legler Chairs

Rattan may a returning trend, but we don’t believe it ever really went out of style.

Our Gian Franco Legler outdoor chairs set the scene for a stylish al fresco affair. Made in the 1950s, our 40 chairs form part of one of the largest working collections in the world.

Legler, a true perfectionist, proves that magic really can happen when aesthetics meet industrial design. The Basket Chair was created in 1951 for a restaurant called The Basket in Italy. Expertly combining ergonomics and minimalistic style, it truly represents its maker’s background in both its architecture and design. Winners of the Museum of Modern Art’s ‘Good Design Award’ in 1953, these masterpieces are now yours to enjoy at leisure.

Mascagni furniture

In the Akademie Street bar, you’ll find an eye-catching spectacle in shades of sea green. This stunning collection of exquisite furniture is the handiwork of Umberto Mascagni, and also dates back to the 1950s.

Back then, Mascagni’s furniture was sold exclusively by Harrod’s, so to track them down was no easy feat. To ensure that we got our hands on the originals, we sourced collections from the UK and the designer’s home country, Italy.

Mascagni’s work really stands out, not only for its remarkable quality, but more so, for its distinct range of colours. The designer used only four primary colour schemes; black and white, red and white, cream as well as the signature sea green.

Our collection boasts the unique sea green shade – light but complex, an incredibly bold statement. The curved design is both sophisticated and impactful, without skimping on comfort.

If you take a look around, you’ll see Mascagni’s work all around the room – from the chairs to the tables, and even the cabinets.

Stay tuned to the blog for more of our favourite Akademie Street stories.