Franschhoek Café Culture – Top caffeine spots to get a taste of the good life


Franschhoek might be best known for its wine, but it’s safe to say that nobody’s day should start with a crisp glass of Chardonnay, no matter how delicious it might be.

For those looking to make the most of their mornings in the valley, there are plenty of atmospheric, enchanting cafés at which to acquire your caffeine fix, many of which offer up decadent side servings of tarts, cakes and other treats guaranteed to get your morning off to a sweet start.

So if you’re one of those people who simply can’t get going until you’ve downed a few quality espressos, here are some of the best places in town to find the perfect brew:

Sacred Ground

Get involved in the early morning ritual of delicious coffee and freshly baked breads at Sacred Ground. This stylish café opens at 7AM daily, and offers a range of meals, lighter snacks and artisanal breads. Feel free to tuck into their plentiful enticing offerings with a cup of hot java, or just toss back the heady kick that you came for.

The Hoek Espresso Bar Franschhoek

A quaint and quirtky spot that’s rumoured to serve the best cuppa in town, The Hoek is the locals’ favourite spot to get their early morning fix. Expect a vibrant atmosphere and simple, excellent coffee. If you’re feeling indulgent, make sure to treat yourself to some of Franschhoek’s finest local delicacies, including the legendary cookies and ice cream!

Café Franschhoek

Quaff a hearty helping of quirkiness with your morning brew at Café Franschhoek. This café cum eatery is famous for its epic breakfasts, and loved by locals and travellers alike, thanks to its plentiful cosy corners and buzzy, sun-soaked pavement patio.

De Villiers Chocolate Café

A relative newcomer to the Franschhoek café scene, De Villiers Chocolate Café has quickly established itself as a bona fidé crowd pleaser, thanks to its quality coffee and artisanal, locally-produced chocolate offerings. Don’t leave without trying one of their legendary ice creams or cakes!