A Day in Table Bay

Widely regarded as the most beautiful city in South Africa, Cape Town is famous for its iconic mountain and foodie culture, offering up a smorgasbord of aesthetic and cultural treats for tourists and locals alike. A mere hour’s drive from Franschhoek, this multicultural destination isn’t one to be overlooked when next you’re in the valley. Continue reading “A Day in Table Bay”

Off to Market

The Cape Winelands are well known for their elegant wine farms, award-winning restaurants and jaw-dropping landscapes. But for the traveller looking to sample a little of everything the winelands have to offer in a single morning, there’s no better destination than one of the region’s ever-popular markets. Continue reading “Off to Market”

Franschhoek Festivities – Four reasons to visit the valley this May

You may have noticed a slight nip in the air, but don’t be fooled – things are heating up in the Franschhoek valley this autumn. Over and above the usual plethora of eateries, wine farms and art galleries available all year round, May brings with it a series of sought-after events guaranteed to delight lovers of food, literature and music.   Continue reading “Franschhoek Festivities – Four reasons to visit the valley this May”

Fall in Franschhoek: Five Autumn Activities To Add To Your List

There’s a pinch in the air and tell-tale signs of a season change on the breeze – yep, it’s becoming quite clear that summer is ready to bid us all adieu. But while you might be thinking that a holiday is a dish best served hot, think again! There’s still plenty of sunshine on offer in the Franschhoek Valley, so don’t slip into hibernation mode just yet. Continue reading “Fall in Franschhoek: Five Autumn Activities To Add To Your List”

Franschhoek Café Culture – Top caffeine spots to get a taste of the good life


Franschhoek might be best known for its wine, but it’s safe to say that nobody’s day should start with a crisp glass of Chardonnay, no matter how delicious it might be.

For those looking to make the most of their mornings in the valley, there are plenty of atmospheric, enchanting cafés at which to acquire your caffeine fix, many of which offer up decadent side servings of tarts, cakes and other treats guaranteed to get your morning off to a sweet start.

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Ways of Wining – Four Tips For Tasting The Franschhoek Valley

It goes without say that no visit to Franschhoek would be complete without a wine farm pilgrimage or two – after all, the valley is home to no fewer than 50 world-class wineries, all of which come complete with decidedly above-average vistas.

Of course the one downside of wine tasting, particularly for more enthusiastic participants, is getting from Point A to Point B, something that can prove fairly treacherous a few stops into the journey.

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Franschhoek A Deux – Your Ultimate Romantic Itinerary

Quaint, historic streets and sweeping mountain vistas make Franschhoek an obvious location for couples in search of a romantic break from the big city. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that ambience is all that’s on offer.

While there’s no better place to simply relax and soak up the whimsical surrounds, Franschhoek makes a great spot for a couple’s rendez-vous irrespective of your inclinations, offering up outdoor adventures, spectacular gastronomic experiences and plentiful pampering options.
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